Calculus 1

Show work step by step on you TI-89 Titanium Calculator Screen

Welcome to where your TI-89 Titanium calculator shows you exactly what you really want. The correct answer step by step, right on your TI-89 calculator screen. The programs are a compilation of midterms, finals and homework from college calculus classes

Struggling with calculus?          Own a TI-89 Titanium? Tired of missing steps?     Homework taking too long? Quotient Rule?     Product Rule?     Chain Rule?  Trouble during tests? My name is Tom and I program TI calculators to make calculus much easier step by step and showing all work. Welcome to where your TI-89 Titanium calculator shows you exactly what you really want.  The correct answer step by step, right on your TI-89 calculator screen.  The programs are a compilation of midterms, finals and homework from college calculus classes 1,2 and 3 all over the United States. The app shows work for calculus solutions line by line at your own pace so you can write it down on tests, homework, whatever. You get all 90+ calculus 1,2 & 3 programs below for the price of one good happy hour. 100% Guaranteed or your money back   CALCULUS 1 PROGRAMS Chain Rule | dy/dx = f’[g(x)] * g’(x) | dy/dx = f’(u) * u’ | (5x²+7)^5 | sin(ax) | 7*cos(5*x^2) | (tan (5x))^5   Video Example Concavity Critical Points   Video Example Definite Integral | b = ∫ [ f(x) ]dx a   Video Example Difference Quotient   Video Example Derivatives (Rewrite selected and Differentiate) | √(x) | 3√(x) | 5/√(x) | 5/x | 5/8x | 5/x² | (5x)² | 5x²/8 | x(x+5) | x^½ | x^(-½) | (x²-4)/(x+2) | (x²-4)/(x-2) | (5x²+7)^5 | √(5x²+7) | (5x²+7)½ | ³√ (5x²+7) | (5x²+7)¹/³ |  sin | cos | tan e(x) Integrate Equation of a Line to Graph (y=mx+b)   Video Example Equation of a tangent line at a pt x on a curve | (y = mx + b)   Video Example Implicit differentiation | y³+y²-5y-x²  = -4 Inflection Point Integrals (Rewrite selected & Integrate) | n / √(x) | (x² + n)² | (x³ + n)/x² | ³√(x) | n / x² | n / ³√(x) | n / x√(x) | 1 / x³  Integration by Parts | ln(x)   Video Example | ne^x   Video Example | sin(x)   Video Example | cos(x) Intervals of Increase and Decrease Limits   Video Example ln(x) (Differentiation & Integration) Local Max and Min   Video Example log(x) to base a (standard calculations) | x = ? | exponential form  Video Example Product Rule   Video Example Quadratic Equation Quotient Rule | ( f [x] ) / ( g [x] )   Video Example Recent Testimonials July/August 2012: Tom
Got it to work with that link you sent me!  Just wanted to say thanks for all the great work you do, and for helping me pass this calculus class.  I'm going to tell everyone about this and make them pay the $30 dollars because you have done a splendid job programming my friend.  Let me know if you have any new programs for derivatives or integrals and Ill let you know if I need any more help!  Much thanks,
  Thanks Tom. I appreciate you taking the time to break down and explain these to me. :0) Nelson Tommy, Great talking with you last night. I already liked you for developing this “most excellent program” but after our conversation I concluded you to be a great guy. I’ve been playing with this program most of the night, took in a few “z’s” and am back for more. This program really is superb. I did, however, notice that for some unknown reason when I attempt to do Relative Extrema’s and Trajectories that both programs came up as “Program not Found”. I’m not sure if I will be encountering the Trajectory stuff in this semester of Calculus but I do have a test this Thursday that includes Relative Extrema. Any suggestion, oh Master of this great creation?! I’m going to be gone most the day but should be home late afternoon if you got time to call. Same number (843-xxx-xxxx). That’s Myrtle Beach, 3 hours ahead of you and more golf courses than you can shake a stick at. Thanks -Joe   Wow! Awesome! These are great, so great, thank you! -Kristen
CALCULUS 2 & 3 PROGRAMS A,B   Vectors  |A| Magnitude  |B| Magnitude  |  A - B Magnitude  |  A . B Dot Product  |  A + B  |  A + B + C  |  A + B Magnitude  |  A x B Cross Prod  |  B - A  |  B x A  |  n * A  |  n * A + n * B  |   Area of a parallelogram  |  Component A direct B  |  cos(A & B)  |  Equation of a Plane  |   P&Q Points  |   Project of A on B  |  Project of B on A  |  Unit vector A  |  Unit vector B   Video Example Acceleration Curl | PQR system | Conservative? | Divergence? |Compute Curl at Point | Compute Divergence at Point | MNP  system | Conservative? | Divergence? | Compute Curl at Point | Compute Divergence at Point   Video Example Cross Product Gradient  |  Instructions  |  Definition  |  2 Variables  |  3 Variables Trig & Half Angle Formulas  |  1 + cos(2x)2  |  1 - cos(2x)/1 + cos(2x)  |  1 - cos(2x)/2  |  cos(2x)  |  cos(x)  |  cos²(x)  |  cot(x)  |  csc(x)  |  csc²(x)  |  sec(x)  |  sec²(x)  |  sin(2x)  |  sin(x)  |  sin²(x)  |  sin²(x) + cos²(x) = 1  |  tan(x)  |  tan²(x) Linear Equations (3 variable) | ax+by+cz+d=0 Line Integral | f(x,y,z) = f[x(t) | y(t) | z(t)] Mass of Spring/Wire | b = ∫ [ ∂[(x(t),y(t),z(t)] * √( [x’(t) ²+y’(t) ²+z’(t) ²] dt a Parametric Equations P & Q Points (Vectors) | Position Vectors | Projection of a on b, b on a  |  Speed Surface Integral (x,y Plane) Position Vectors  |  Velocity  |  Acceleration  |  Speed  |  Unit Tangent Vector  |  Parametric Equation  | Standard (Linear) Equation Speed Sphere Equation | midpoint | radius Trig d/dx - Identities and Functions | 1+cos(2x)2 | 1-cos(2x)  / 1+cos(2x) | 1-cos(2x)/2 | cos(2x) | cos(x) | cos²(x) | cot(x) | csc(x) | csc²(x) | sec(x) | sec²(x) | sin(2x) | sin(x) | sin²(x) | sin²(x) + cos²(x) = 1 | tan(x) | tan²(x)    Video Example Unit Tangent Vector

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